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Volkswagen Jetta: Now Flying First Class

You simply won't do better than the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta if you're seeking a first class driving experience. Unlike flying first class, you don't have to break the bank to buy a first class ticket in the all-new 2015 Jetta.

The Volkswagen Jetta is ready for take-off with its powerful engine lineup that includes a turbocharged 4-cylinder motor in higher trim levels. For a fuel-saving drive, consider the Jetta TDI that returns…

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We Debunk a Jetta Rumor

There's a rumor going around about the Volkswagen Jetta, a rumor that we have decided to debunk. The rumor is that all Volkswagen Jetta drivers are beautiful women. We're looking to the latest commercial released by Jetta for evidence that not all Jettas are driven by beautiful women. Take a look below to see what we found.

Well that's rather inconclusive. While we may not have been able to debunk that rumor…

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Feel the Love with the Volkswagen Beetle GRC Rallycross Racer

When you think of what type of car you'd find in a motorsports race, a Volkswagen Beetle may not be the first thing that comes to mind. After all, this feel-good vehicle has a space for a flower vase. But as it turns out, everything it coming up roses on the racetrack for the premier 2015 Volkswagen GRC Beetle, a global rallycross car. This is a bug you'll want to catch -- but good…

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Experience German Engineering at its Finest in the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta

Every once in a while, you deserve to treat yourself to something new and improved. When the time comes, we encourage you to consider the all-new 2015 Volkswagen Jetta. Behind the wheel of this model, you'll experience the road in a whole new way thanks to its German engineering and impressive design both inside and out.

When you find yourself craving more, the Jetta can satisfy your driving needs. Take a look at the…

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Efficiency Meets Performance in the Volkswagen Golf

It's time to Golf. No, don't put on your khakis and pack your clubs, we're talking about something a little more riveting than playing 18 holes. We're talking about the Volkswagen Golf.

The 2015 Volkswagen Gold has been named "World Car of the Year" at the New York Auto Show. It embodies the latest in German engineering and innovation. Now here's  a sentence you'll be surprised to read: the…

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Tiguan Tows with Ease

With the dog days of summer upon us, it's high time for a good old-fashioned family road trip. How do you get the kids keyed into fun and offline from their smartphones? Take the Tiguan out for your journey.

The 2014 VW Tiguan is just the thing for your next big four-wheeled adventure. With 200 hp of turbocharged engine under the hood, it's a fun drive for you. With sliding rear seats with…

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Volkswagen Working to Save our Planet

Back in 2010 Volkswagen sought to reinvent the wheel. They saw the way that the industry was headed and envisioned the eco-friendly future.  But they went above and beyond just making hybrids and creating blue prints for electric vehicles and instead looked at the core of their business: production.

Volkswagen created the "Think Blue. Factory." campaign which sets in motion a plan that would make Volkswagen a leader in ecological sustainability by the year 2018?

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Volkswagen celebrates a big win for Germany

As you may have gathered, the global population is now recovering from a case of World Cup fever the likes of which have never been seen before. Even though soccer isn't the most popular sport in the US-of-A, we would definitely count ourselves as members of the infected here at East Coast Volkswagen. After all, how could we not be with two horses in the race.

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The Volkswagen Beetle Dune will Conquer Off-Road Trails

If you ask us here at East Coast Volkswagen, the Volkswagen Beetle is one amazing vehicle, with style that can't be mistaken and a fun-to-drive compact design that's as comfortable as it is responsive on any road you travel. And soon, you won't be limited to just the paved roads when the Beetle Dune starts production in 2016.

The Beetle Dune is, as we're sure you guessed, an off-roading version of…

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