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Famous Heart-Melting Dog Joins The Old Wives Tales

Tuna was bred irresponsibly. He's a Chihuahua-dachshund mix (or "chiweenie," for those who love portmanteaus), but his neglectful breeder likely allowed related dogs to mate, leaving Tuna born with severe defects. Possibly because of these defects-- a recessed jaw and severe under bite-- he was abandoned at the side of the road near San Diego. He was only a four month old puppy. But this sad story has a happy ending! Tuna was adopted by a loving family, and five years later he not only has hi

It's Not All Flower Vases: The Volkswagen Beetle Has a Long History of Racing

When you think of the Volkswagen Beetle, you might think, "girl car." You picture a cute, rounded little bug with a picture-perfect little flower vase mounted to the dash. It's attractive, but it's not tough. Well, we're telling you, you've been duped all this time! It turns out the Beetle has a longer history of racing than any other model still on the track today. They've been used for decades in road racing, rally racing, and even rallycross. In Global RallyCross, these little cars must h

What Does the Volkswagen Golf R Sound Like?

If you think you have a pretty good idea, be sure to enjoy this fun piece of social entertainment provided by Volkswagen. Even though this little sound effects contest is a lot of fun, it can't possibly compare to actually driving the new 2015 Volkswagen Golf R, a new and ultra-sporty hatchback that provides the feeling and sounds of a true thrill ride. Check out the marketing contest below, then come on over to our Myrtle Beach, SC Volkswagen dealership for a test drive.



Get a Hot Deal on a 2015 Volkswagen During the Model Year End Sales Event

Which would you prefer, a hot guy or a hot deal? If you'd prefer a hot deal on a 2015 Volkswagen, then the team at East Coast Volkswagen has got you covered. If you'd like a hot guy though? Unfortunately, our team doesn't make very good match makers outside of the car world. This group of lovely ladies and their pitch perfect pickup lines may be able to help you out though: Thankfully, when it comes to matching customers to their ideal Volkswagen, there's nary an issue to be had. That's why,
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Dog Lovers Find Spacious Comfort in the Volkswagen Tiguan

Humane Society gold card members find comfort in the versatility of the 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan. Sliding rear seats welcome an expanding family, where mutts rule the rear kingdom while you master the road. After all, it wouldn't be a Volkswagen if superior performance were left out of the equation.  Choose the Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0T for turbocharged power and excellent handling or the Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 2.0T to show off your aggressive side--the…


The Volkswagen Tiguan Recieves a Four Paw Rating

Let's face it: Sparky will continue to tear apart the house when you leave. Call it separation anxiety or a complete disregard for your property, Sparky, simply, cannot be trusted alone. The solution is clear: Take him with you. However, with your less than accommodating compact clunker, the solution isn't easily reached.

It's time for an upgrade: The 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan. The Volkswagen Tigun offers an attractive German alternative to a richly…


2015 VW Golf R is One Rockin' Ride

Ready to rock 'n roll today?  If so, your chums at East Coast Volkswagen are eager to present to you a vehicle that packs the punch of a Jimmy Page guitar solo.

That auto?  None other than the brand new 2015 VW Golf R, a head-turning hatchback that definitely makes one heck of a statement.  Take a peek at it in the video below:

No doubt, it's the Golf R's 292-horsepower drivetrain that…

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Find your "Wagon Romance" in the 2015 Volkswagen SportWagen this season

Are you ready for summer? One way to get ready for prime beach season is finding a fuel-efficient vehicle that can let you cruise the coast carefree, and you'll find that here at East Coast Volkswagen with the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen and popular Volkswagen Golf lineup.

Why will you love the Golf SportWagen? It's not only one of the rare modern day compact wagons, it offers a diesel-powered, fuel-efficient engine, styling with a…


Fashion-forward to performance power: The 2015 Beetle Concepts at NYIAS

If you ask the folks at East Coast Volkswagen, a beautiful day in May could be best enjoyed behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Beetle convertible, wind in your hair, and covered in sunshine. That's because the iconic Beetle is back and better than ever in 2015, providing enthusiasts with forward-thinking style and technology.

At the 2015 New York International Auto Show, several fun-loving Beetle concepts took the stage representing a full-range of styles…


How the 2015 Volkswagen CC balances potency with compliance

In order to be a desirable family car, a vehicle has to sport a delicate balance of engagement and comfort -- and that's where the 2015 Volkswagen CC gets it exactly right.

Well-appointed and spacious, this midsize sedan is designed to accommodate everyone from elbow-throwing pre-teen siblings to tall adult passengers. While the CC is certainly a family man at heart, its ample acceleration and sporty driving dynamics are reason enough for couples, single professionals…

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