Imagine what a computer many times faster than a standard digital one could do for autonomous driving, AI-supported enterprise process control, smart-operating factories, machine learning, intelligent mobility solutions and more. Volkswagen and D-Wave Systems are already thinking about it, and if a collaboration to be announced at CeBIT 2017 on Monday, March 20, 2017 indicates anything, it's that when an automaker's research branches in San Francisco, CA and Munich, Germany partner with a leading quantum computing company to explore traffic flow optimization all the way across the planet in 10,000 Beijing, China taxis, it's that something big's happening.

The eponymous respective automotive AI and quantum computing experts created a smart mobility program on a D-Wave quantum computer – tech normally reserved for scientific institute, government agency, and aerospace-sector use. They had in mind to solve a highly complex problem – that of public taxi travel time and the optimal way for traffic to flow given available resource and scenario parameters -- many times faster even than a conventional supercomputer. As laid groundwork for almost limitless future smart applications goes, this bespeaks it.

And it's because, by design, a quantum computer depends on basic optimization problem solving in order to function itself, let alone solve problems. Since such complex questions like that of traffic flow grow exponentially, also by design, conventional digital computers quickly approach their application limits. Traffic flow optimization, it follows, is then a problem for which a quantum computer is ideally suited. Imagine the "forethought" made possible for self-driving vehicles by such processing power.

D-Wave looks to collaborate further with Volkswagen in the future, and likewise Volkswagen, with universities and scientific institutes. We'll just have to see what further developments await, following CeBIT's big reveal. In the meantime, why not stop by our 8756-C Highway 17 Bypass S. showroom from the Myrtle Beach, SC area, and see what our array of models in the 2017 Volkswagen lineup can do for your drive-time experience? A test drive is just around the corner.

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